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About Big Dog

Big Dog Pet Foods is an Australian family owned and operated business, established in 2000, with it’s Directors boasting over 50 years of combined experience in the Animal and Food Industries.

Big Dog manufacture and supply a broad range of natural, health promoting pet food products, ranging from raw meat diets (including BARF) to specially formulated supplements. We are recognised as the leading manufacturer of raw BARF diets, supplying Big Dog branded BARF products globally. In addition to this, we are the manufacturer of choice for other leading global brands such as:

We are committed to fulfilling the following promise on a daily basis:

“We believe in supplying the best natural animal food available on the market – and by providing optimum health, we will ensure owner and companion ultimate wellbeing.”

At Big Dog, we ensure a high manufacturing standard is upheld at all times. Our team are dedicated to ensuring each and every stage of processing is strictly monitored, as is required by the company’s quality control system (Big Dog holds a ‘Low Risk’ rating with Safe Foods). This guarantees that your companion will be happy with the consistent quality each and every time they are fed a Big Dog product.

We are are passionate about constantly updating our knowledge and understanding on animal nutrition. As well as this, where possible our raw ingredients are sourced from Australian organic farms or local farmers, and our meat products are from Human Consumption (export) accredited facilities.

During the company’s start up we worked closely with AQIS to help determine the regulations for exporting raw diets into Japan and America. With this understanding and reputation, we now export into Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Indonesia. 

Big Dog Products

By combining the principles of evolutionary feeding, Big Dog has developed a number of different product lines that cater for all types of dietary requirements – companion, showing, hunting and sporting. These range from, BARF for dogs, BARF for cats as well as healthy alternatives such as Big Dog Muesli

Big Dog also offer a wide range of health promoting supplements for companion and sporting dogs, cats and horses (under the 1equine brand – www.1equine.com.au). Each of these specially formulated supplements are suited to meet your companions health requirements and will boost their natural energy.

Regardless of where in the world you are, and whether you have a canine, feline or equine companion that loves being part of your family, Big Dog will ensure their health and well being is maintained. At Big Dog we believe the correct nutrition is the foundation for longevity within all living things.